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Snow Fluid Gallon Snow / Foam Fluid
Regular Price: $29.98
Your Price: $9.99
Bubble Machine Bubble Machine - Best bang for the buck!
Regular Price: $99.98
Your Price: $39.99
Chauvet B-250 Bubble Machine Chauvet B-250 Bubble Machine
Regular Price: $159.98
Your Price: $79.99
Bubble Blast American DJ Bubble Blast Bubble Machine
Regular Price: $599.98
Your Price: $299.99
Bubble Juice High Quality Bubble Juice - 1 Gallon
Regular Price: $29.98
Your Price: $14.99
American DJ Bubbletron American DJ Bubbletron
Regular Price: $199.98
Your Price: $99.99
American DJ Bubbletron American DJ Bubbletron Go
Regular Price: $359.98
Your Price: $179.99
American DJ VF Flurry Snow Machine American DJ VF Flurry Snow Machine
Regular Price: $199.98
Your Price: $119.99

Bubble Machines & Snow Machines

Create a festive party atmosphere with hundreds of bubbles floating around the room. Our bubble machines feature a built-in fan which blows the bubbles up and away! All of our bubble machines feature a compact case and built-in carrying handle making it ideal for mobile DJs and club use. What a great idea to use a bubble machine at your next party and have a bubble party. Your kids will love all the bubbles these bubble machines produce. Turn on your new bubble machine at a birthday party, graduation party or wedding reception and watch the fun begin.

Our snow machines produce a mist of extremely fine foam particles that when dispersed by the internal fan look and fall just like real snow. Even close-up it's hard to tell the difference. Use a snow machine at your next company holiday party as the guests are entering the room. Another great place to use snow machines is in your holiday store displays to create the illusion of real snow.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!! Create a wintery effect with a blizzard of simulated snowflakes that can be regulated via the remote control with output control knob. Great special effect for dance floors, theaters, plays, movies, etc. The snow machine will consume approx 1 gallon of fluid for every 2 hours of continuous operation on high output. The snow flakes are non-toxic thus safe for all humans, plants and animals (consumption not suggested). The Discovery Channel has used the snow machines from Star Light and Magic for their shows. Also used for the grand opening of "Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe". Snow fluid machines make an artificial falling snow and works well indoors or outdoors.

For many DJs, their DJ gear is not complete without at least one DJ bubble machine or snow making machine! On this page of our website, you'll find the snow flake machine or bubble blowing machine you've been wanting for the fun, final touch to your shows. We've got the American DJ bubble juice that works in our bubble machine, and the American DJ bubble machine to use it in. We've also got the artificial snow making machine (or mini snow machine) as well as the artificial snow making fluid you need to make fake snow -- GREAT fake snow! When a home snow machine just won't do, step up to the effects machines that the pros demand! Thanks for visiting our website today. We look forward to serving you. Another great place to fing Bubble Machines and Snow Machines is